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23 June 2007 @ 11:02 pm
I can't believe it, i thought i didn't have work till tomorrow.. but i got rang by my boss telling me i was meant to be in..
I was so gutted :(
I mean - people probably expect me to be like 'yeah im i dont have to work then' but i do actually love my job lol
It's good however that my boss it cool - so he didn't really mind. But now im not able to work until next week ;_;
Aww plop.. Lol :/

Good side - it appears i have been paid ^-^ so finally i can pay of all my debts, Squeeeeee lol.
And i went to watch Shrek 3. Which i have to admit is pretty amazing, far funnier than the other two - Pinncoio (or however you spell it) is sooo funny in this one - but i wont say why because i dont want to spoil it.

Anyway - not a big entry today, because i baught shadowrun and i keep getting killed because im typing this <_<'
Yeah.. Cya
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All your base are belong to me.
23 June 2007 @ 12:02 am
Because i get bored easily, expecially today.
I decided to actually make a sig for once - those who know me for my signatures, know all to well that a rarely make new ones.
Anyway - fuelling my latest love for U;nee, i made this delightful set.. yes it is. ¬_¬


show the love <3
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All your base are belong to me.
22 June 2007 @ 07:06 pm
ok ok ok, i have so much free time today in college its not even funny.
Your probably thinking, 'well isnt that a good thing' and my answer to that is clearly.. yes AND no.
Yes - because i can laze around most of the day doing absolutely bugger all, which lets face it, i often do and which i do really well ^-^
However no - because i could have also done the very same at home, i went into college today for 9am and found out that i had no lessons until 1:40pm.. Can i get a womp womp?

Seriously, if a teacher isn't going to be in, i'd appreciated them telling us. Setting work to be done on the board isn't acceptable either, because there is no way in hell people are going to do it, expecially when its not something we have to hand in, and its only 'plan for the mock law trial'
I mean wtf.. as if anyone was going to stay, are my teachers living in a dream world?

BUT! in my defence, Me. Adam and Rob did stay for one of the two hours we were meant to be working for.. so at least we were half good ^-^
The rest of the day consisted of me lying around with my friends doing pretty much bugger all.

Had some fun second lesson (which was a free course' as the teachers wern't in) Sat on a big table with loads of my friends and we just messed around and done 'work' yeah 'work... well there were attampts to work at least.
I done my usual 'try to take pictures of Sarah whist she gets pretty miffed of with me for it so she tries to slap my phone outta'  my hand'

And Bex got some of those cool sweetie shrimps, they taste so wierd, like mush :/
And when the girls went of to the loo, Dale and I examined the water bottles for 'Rocks of the Spring'
Yeah little bit random, and for those thinking, wtf Rocks? Basicly, its something i said a long time ago - my friend had bits in her drink, and someone said "err thats so gross, there is food in your drink" so i being the idiot replied "its not food, its those rocks from the spring" (it was spring water). So now we call the bits in bottled spring water 'Rocks of the Spring" --- Yes i know its very wierd, but.. i could be worse. i guess?

I only actually had Drama and History today.. Greaaaat ¬_¬
I mean, Drama - we didnt actually do anything, we spent like 40min arguing over 'what we should do' then we decided to do those stories where one person writes a line, covers it and the next person writes the next line - lets just say.. some of the group didnt understand it :P
And it made absolutely no sense..
"Nothing but a ball on the stage bouncing" -- ROFL?

Im not even going to get started on History - Tudor history should never be taught.. its boring and i dont care what Henry did to Anne Boyln? Its not important.. Plus im not being told that i should write on A5 paper - it has to be A4, well guess what.. you can kiss my arse, they are my notes - i'll write on A1 if i want to. Its me who reads them. >< grrrrr.

Yeah, my days are well uneventful ¬_¬ I really doubt anyone actually reads it, but at least when im 90 and i have no memory i'll be able to remember what i done.. well look at this and remember. then again - if i wasnt me i'd not bother <_<'
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All your base are belong to me.
21 June 2007 @ 04:37 pm
oh yeaaah, two of my CD's i ordered from yesasia.com came today, i honestly love that site - however i doesn't really help my poor financial state, every time i go on it i end up spending at least £15 pound just to qualify for the free shipping, and yeah i could perhaps just NOT buy anything, but that wouldn't be any fun.. would it?

Anyway, i FINALLY got U;nee's Second Album, funy enough its called 2nd Album >.<
I guess its been really hard to get her albums since she sadly committed suicide :( (RIP U;nee)
I also got Leah Dizon's second single - course both Asian artists, i kinda have a big obsession.

U;nee '2nd Album'
Definately an album you should purchase, even if your not really into the whole asian music stuff, its got some really upbeat tracks on it, i don't think there is a song U;nee has done that i dont really like. She's all around funkeh ^-^
I havn't listened to it all yet, i've just popped it into iTunes, but i gotta' say that 'Call Call Call' is a really good song, if you arn't going to get the album, at least give that song a try.. youtube it perhaps.
And you can't really argue at it's price, £6.57! Can anyone say bargain? 12 songs too, its not one of those cheap albums with like 5 songs on it'
Anyway if you are interested in buying it, click the album art and it'll take you directly to the page ;)

Leah Dizon 'Koi Shiyou'
Leah Dizon's second single - seems like she is off to a good start anyway. I absolutely love Aishiteru ~love story~ and the actual A-side 'Koi Shiyou' is a really upbeat song too.
The other song on it is ok, i can't read Japanese but the Single mentioned 'Ninja Gaiden E' so im just going to assume that the other song on this is one used in that game - when it comes out... im not really a follower of Ninja Gaiden, i own one of them.. but i have yet to actually play it <-<' yeah i love buying things, and never using them >.<
This is actually more expensive that the U;nee album, so it shows you the bargain you could get before! However it is a single - english singles go for like £3.99 and a bit more sometimes and they only have one song on.. this has three on it, so i think its fairly priced - at least i bought it anyway.
Again - if you are interested in buying this, click the albums art ;)

Other than my CD's coming my day hasn't been exacly 'eventfull' Been to college where we have already started A2 work for our final part of our A Levels, when we've only just finished AS's (if your confused - English college is split up into 2 years, Lower 6th and Upper 6th, generally your A-Level consists of an AS level which you do in Lower and an A2 level which you do in Upper, they are both combined at the end of it all and whooppppahhhh >.< you have you A-Levels) Yeah we English have to be confusing >_<'''''

Im also finding it really ironic, that now its the end of the year and exams are over - i can now be bothered to work... a bit late? >< >< >< grrrr. I really waste my time. And aparantly im going to get an 'E' in History overall because i didn't bring my folder in today. I quote my teacher.

"I am already, AS I SPEAK, filtering those students in this room, of whom i feel are going to be getting an A at A level history from those who will be getting the 'E's, i can tell this because some of you are organised and some of you are not, bring your folders in"

Can i just point out.. that my sheet ARE messy - however, i am organised because i know where everythign is.. its an 'organised mess' and i dont like people telling me how to 'sort myself out', and i really don't appreciate being told im going to nearly fail a course because i didn't bring in my folder in on one occasion - and were not talking my A2 folder, because i had that.. she wanted us to bring in our AS ones aswell today - yeah do i look like he-man? or the multi armed man? I can't carry everything ya'no lady! *_*;

On the good side i got to go home quite early, earlier than usual anyway, normally i finish at quarter to 3 and i have my driving lesson untill four, but my instructor has like, stopped bothering with me, and i got out of form lesson early, so i was home before quarter to three ^-^

yeah, well thats it for today, at least..
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All your base are belong to me.
21 June 2007 @ 12:23 am
Ok, well i've got time to do this one now, course im writing todays entry.. tomorrow (or basicly im writing about yesterday now..)

Today i went to Chester to meet Ellie ^-^ Its like our first time out together as like a couple, was a bit nervous tbh.
I couldnt really stay there long because i had to get the bus back <_<' but yeah. we made the most of it.
 Had dinner at the river which was nice, we walked around this part (which might i add - i had no idea was actuallyt there 0_0') and then we looked around the shops for a bit..

I was quite disapointed at the fact that i was SO SURE i had money in my bank - and when i checed i was greeted by the display of the ATM alerting me that i had only £2 something in my account >.<
I mean really.. i dont get paid till the 26th of this month, thats like next week? What am i supposed to do? Tomorrow is friday !_!
And i really cant borrow any money - i already owe my mum £20 something for my previous phone bill - my next phone bill is due, so thats another £25 to £30, and then i owe some money which i borrowed from my driving lessons 'savings' kinda bad there i owe that £60 0_o DAAAMN
Total Owige.. at most £110, i had so better get paid quite alot this month :(

Pink Owloh yeah, in Chester i got Ellie this little owl, from the Japanese shop (WOW! ^_^) a lucky owl, and it had the symbol for love on its back.. Anyway - it kinda blew away of something, and we couldn't find it, she was gutted about that, so if she see's this.. here is the lil fella, (i found a piccy)
I don't really mind lol, she was like 'sorry' but its replacable, i'll get another some time >.< these things happen. Plus its most certain that i will most definately go into the Japanese Shop again.. I mean.. its a Japanese shop? I love Japan

Plus they have these reeeeealy cool Daruma Dolls, and i really want one. And for those of you who are thinking 'Dolls? wtf, girly..' They arn't So much a Doll - perhaps thats just me calling them it. A Daruma is a lucky God, they have no eyes this is because when you make a wish, or you set out to do something, you paint in one eye. Then once you have completed it, achieved something or your wish has come true - you paint in the other. To 'Thank' Daruma for granting it ^-^ Kinda cool huh, i find Japanese culture and beliefs so interesting

Well thats it for now, i also have 'Today' to write about, confusing eh.. but thats me being lazy >.<
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